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di Fabrizio Aurelia
SP 88 Contrada Arianiello, 9 - 83030 Lapio (AV)
P.IVA 02258970645
Tel/Fax +39.0825982435
Cell +39.3491861589
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Taurasi D.O.C.G.

Since 2007 the firm produces a small quantity of Taurasi (about 3.000 bottles annually). This wine is obtained from grapes purchsed from a well known farmer. Nevertheless it is in process the realization of a vineyard of Taurasi in the territory of Lapio.
This red wine is obtained from Aglianico grapes, it ferments in steel tanks, it macerates on its peel for 20 days, it ripes for 30 months between barriques and in big wooden barrels and it refines for 12 months in bottles.

Organoleptic characteristics:
Colour ruby red, bouquet of sour black cherry, plums, tobacco, balsamic notes and spices.
Very full at palate, hot, dynamic and of course with a tannin taste with a long persistence that reminds you of ripe fruit.